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Maps Optimization

Did you know that Google know where people are searching from grographically? That’s right – if you search for a “Dog Groomer”or “Pizzeria” in Google right now Google will present to you the “Local” options that best suit you based on the geographic location of your phone or computer. In other words if you live in Garden City NY – the results will be tailored specifically to show you businesses who offer that product or service in your local area. Is your website properly optimized to appear when your clients search for the product or service you offer locally? If not then you absolutely need to check out our Google Maps (Local SEO) Optimization Services.


Local SEO Will Bring You More Business

With Local SEO (Google Maps Optimization) we optimize your website, Google places page and other factors to gradually move you higher in the local map results. Google factors in more than 50 factors when deciding who shows up where in the Google Maps results. Is your site optimized for this ranking process? If not then read on.


Reviews & Citations

Some of the more important factors Google uses to decided who is ranked where in the local results are Reviews left my your clients and other “Citations” around the Internet. Google is trying its best to show its clients (the searchers) the best results for what they are looking for. How does Google do this? Google relies on many factors but reviews left by your clients play a large role. We help you to get the reviews you need by leveraging your current client base appropriately. We provide printed collateral that you can distribute to your clients to encourage them to leave a review for you. “Citations” are also a key factor. A Citation is literally any mention of your business name, address, phone number etc around the Internet. This could be on Yellow page type sites, various review engines (yelp etc), and other key places. It is our job to make sure you appear (naturally) on many IYP’s and key data sources.


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