Internal Form Design

Internal Form Design

Be Prepared For The Sale And Have A Plan Ahead Of Time
Forms and process flow documentation are the red and white blood cells of an organization. Internal paperwork is vital to successful and efficient headache free management of any business, process, product or employee. Good paperwork systems can drastically improve efficiency within a budding company. Having formal documentation unifies corporate objectives, reinforces mission statements and creates a true corporate synergy.

Today any growing company should consider the benefits of form-line cookie-cutter day-to-day operations. A form-line creates customer tracking information from the beginning of a transaction to the end, and should use the least amount of documents as possible to reduce the time required to create and track customer orders and support tickets. A simple place to start a new form-line is by converting the current letterhead to an editable digital format like Microsoft Word. Staff will look professional without having to scan or print and free-write text. Each employee should have a set of digital documents that are accessible and ready to go supporting telemarketing sales and customer service efforts.

Internal forms need to be updated often and stay one step ahead of the changing needs of any business during expansion initiatives, otherwise opportunities for clerical errors are sure to rise which may lead to a business-ending mistake. The ability to store information and call upon it when needed is often overlooked by start-ups and yet so crucial to scaling up inbound and outbound sales and marketing efforts.

Form applications should good typography, layout and design to produce clear business transaction flows while keeping them as short and to the point. A&M ROTONDI interviews key personnel and analyzes day-to-day activities to find workflow bottlenecks and inefficiencies, when found we create forms to bridge these bottlenecks and improve communication efficiencies from the bottom-up. All form files are output for offset printing and digital use in standard word-processing and accounting software packages. A&M ROTONDI offers help in not only creating the most efficient workflow, but also provides staff training to accelerate the implementation process.

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