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Expect Customers To Ask Questions, So Why Not Answer Them Before You’re Asked?
When you are dealing with selling product into a retailer, making a big pitch for a new account, or even handling the annual conference and tradeshow circuit – YOU NEED SALES MATERIALS!

Create good paper-based sales materials to explain all aspects of your business, products and services. Include all aspects of your business in every way possible. Give your audience a chance to answer questions before they have to ask. Media kits are an outstanding tool for any salesperson, and are usually comprised of a pocket folder with business card slits, an 8.5″x11″ brochure with some sell sheets covering product lines and services. Including a media plan for any product is always advisable. Product sell sheets with media plans show retail buyers how you plan to support sell-through.

Support paper-based marketing materials with digital elements, like an overhead projector presentation, an iPad or similar tablet presentation in video, an animation or flip-book are just a couple of ideas. There are so many options when it comes to digitally representing client sales collaterals that some even work well on smartphones. These tools exist now and require nothing more than customization to the devices most people are walking around with today so take advantage now! Empowered salespeople carry a confidence that is undeniably beneficial to any sales effort. With a little consideration to this medium there may be some cost-effective opportunities available to the adventurous and bold.

Subscribe to the belief that you should dress for the job you want in life and not the job you have, and you’ll go very far in business. Successful people want to see forethought and planning before a sit. Once you look prepared you have an opportunity to show you are prepared. It says a lot about a company that has professional people actually looking professional – exceptional corporate image, great presentation materials, with a finish of informative leave-behinds… that’s an impression. A&M ROTONDI takes a top-down approach when helping clients transition from only traditional business to becoming a traditional business with a touch of Internet Superhighway running through it. Our staff can demystify the intricacies of this process.

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