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Web Sites

Sites can be affordable and functional. Today everything seems to be database driven CMS e-commerce whizbangs to engage the customer in every way possible, but a good old simple website can suite some very specific purposes: testing new image, concept or just to showcase content that will not update often if ever.

E-Mail Marketing

Today’s direct Mail is e-blasting e-mail marketing. We live in a fast-moving world and the only way to get your message to any target audience is to send it more than once – send it throughout the entire year for each holiday! Staying top-of-mind in the client’s eye is crucial to being there the moment they require new service.

SEO/PPC & Social Media

This arena seems to grow and grow to no end, and with the proper guidance you can capitalize on viral trends. This unique aspect of the Web can mystify some older legacy businesses. Let us help translate the little bits and bytes of this intertwined cutting edge medium. It’s best to be attacked as a slowly evolving tree root system requiring time and budget than a simple one-off experiment.

Online Copywriting

The process of putting together your online marketing campaign, whether it’s your web site, email marketing or a combination, is multi-faceted. The look and feel of your site, the ease of navigation and attention from e-blasting could all be lost on valuable prospects if your message is not clearly expressed. You understand your business better than anyone, but articulating your value to customers is not an easy task.

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