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Today’s Direct Mail Is E-blasting E-mail Marketing

With So Much Marketing Clutter You Have To Remind Customers You’re Still Alive
We live in a fast-moving world and the only way to get your message to any target audience is to send it more than once – send it throughout the entire year! Some marketing mediums are cost prohibitive to do so but not e-blasting.com you can send e-blasts for a fraction of the cost of most mediums.

E-blasting.com offers businesses of all sizes a chance to compete with the companies of old that had seemingly endless print and television budgets for direct marketing initiatives. Times have changed, and businesses of all sizes can enjoy the cost savings associated with e-mail marketing and the wide assortment of automated campaign configurations that are possible.

From custom design and testing, one-off e-blasts, multi-part e-blasting drip campaigns, to full e-blasting whiteglove e-mail marketing management A&M ROTONDI has the resources to create and implement whatever is necessary to do the job right. With careful planning our e-blast experts will design and code the best possible e-blast to get your message across, drive your audience to a landing page, or even simply disseminate information regarding customer service updates. Start today and reap the rewards from the near endless sales potential.

E-mail Banner Ads Help Customers Remember

Creatively Brand Your Business In Every E-mail With Passive Sales Messages
DigiSignatures brand every e-mail sent from an entire organization and help immediately establish your identity in the eye of the person receiving it. This can make first time introductions a little easier and play a crucial role in follow-up contact post meetings and/or tradeshows. A&M ROTONDI’s DigiSignature service can create something 2D and simple to something 3D and complex. The DigiSignature design itself can also be used on a customer’s website or landing page to make a connection between different marketing efforts. Each DigiSignature brands and serves as a portal to drive Web prospects where the business owner wants them. Imagine how many e-mails go out throughout the course of a year that could’ve been used to reinforce marketing messages, new product or service introductions, and even offer promotional opportunities on a controlled basis.

With our animated DigiSignature portal embedded in your e-mails you will surely make the right first impressions and enable your prospects or customers to get instant gratification by clicking on links in the bottom of your e-mail – DigiSignatures – a branded portal at the bottom of your e-mail linked to anything on the Web.

Splash-Site Landing Pages Capture Your Audience

Get Specific And Track E-mail/SEO/PPC And Social Media Campaign Efforts
When driving traffic from online efforts it’s usually wise to send users to a customized landing page that matches the offer which inspired the click-through to begin with. A specialized page to a targeted audience in effort to maximize conversion from prospect to customer can be invaluable to any business marketing initiative in the online space.

Use Splash-Site landing pages to promote or debut a product or service, run a contest or collect information related to a promotion, or even just test the initial reaction to a new marketing strategy – the uses are endless!

When sending e-mail to prospects there is no better way to raise conversions than to tailor the message with pinpoint accuracy. Instead of changing your website constantly drive media-generated traffic to a highly specialized pages, and speak directly to your audience about what really interests them most.

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