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Advertising Techniques Of The Future Are Here Now

Your Competition May Be Doing This Right Now, But Certainly Will Be Doing It In The Future
Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website search engine friendly utilizing sound programming that adheres to the current trends developing on the web, and creating in-bound and out-bound link arrangements with 3rd parties. It takes a human element to reach out and make these connections on a daily basis. SEO is not a one-time gig. PPC can be though, since you’re basically paying for traffic to be temporarily routed to your site. Both are powerful marketing tools which share an equilibrium when setup just right. A&M ROTONDI can help determine how best to rollout campaigns with the right equilibrium to achieve desirable results.

With a commitment to a set monthly SEO/PPC budget a business can find a pots of gold at the end of a 2+ year process of establishing your business identity online, and as a player within an industry. This is a slow growing slow moving process that requires a long-term strategy fed by a healthy budget. BUT, before budgets are invested a proper website needs to be setup with quality landing pages and tracking metrics to track results as they develop.

PPC augments SEO’s lag time quite nicely by driving users to your website immediately for a pay per click rate, but if you don’t manage it daily the inefficiencies that grow could result in wasted investment. The intricacies of this arena make it difficult to understand, and when system algorithms get updated by search engines, it could have a profound impact on campaign results. This is why a dedicated professional is needed to manage daily keyword placements and budgetary allotments to achieve the best results and highest return on investment.

Finding a delicate balance between SEO/PPC and supporting traditional marketing efforts can create unique promotional opportunities where messages are completely customized to the user. This approach is key to maximizing investments. Embracing daily monitoring with continual refinement of the overall strategy is crucial to finding success in this space, and should be expected before starting a campaign. With an audit A&M ROTONDI can ascertain what keywords will best represent a company online, what your competitors are doing, and what will be the most effective strategy to maximize your return on investment.

Social Media

Even My Kitten Has A Facebook Page!
It has been proven that getting business from an existing account requires a fraction of the cost when compared with developing a new prospect into a paying account, so why not keep in touch and share new developments over this visual medium that’s FREE to use?

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all here to stay. A&M ROTONDI can demystify this online space and manage it completely to help alleviate stress and properly introduce a brand, a product and share promotions with everyone willing to pass around a simple link. Integrating the user’s experience with the client’s website is the first challenge to creating the right campaign.

Social Drowning – The New Phenomenon!

You Have To Commit But Don’t Forget About The Traditional Stuff
Social Media enables rapid sharing of opinion on your business and products/services for better or for worse, which is exactly why you need a professional to guide your way into this tricky ever-changing space. The time required to manage a Facebook, Twitter and even a Youtube account individually can be overwhelming! Doing all three at once is a full-time career or may even require a dedicated staff. A&M ROTONDI can offset these responsibilities and keep a client’s online presence focused and current.

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