Static Content And Form-Based Websites

Affordable And Functional Static Design Can Serve A Valuable Purpose
Sites can be affordable and functional. Today everything seems to be database driven CMS e-commerce whizbangs to engage the customer in every way possible, but a good old simple website can suite some very specific purposes: testing new image, concept or just to showcase content that will not update often if ever.

A&M ROTONDI can create a temporary or permanent static website solution – a website that does not have a database. Static websites are a great way to service your online marketing efforts with landing pages. Each static site can be made for a fraction of the cost of a database driven solution, and in some cases it’s exactly what a client needs either due to budgetary constraints or simply because a quick landing page is required. As is with typical site design we comp out each page and then use professional coding techniques to bring the page or site to life. If we do have to rush it’s a little easier to whip up a static webpage than a dynamic database driven element making static pages perfect for ultra-fast turnaround projects.

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Database Driven CMS Brochure Websites

You Don’t Code But Need To Be Able To Make Updates To Your Site
The current Web standard for a business in any industry is to have control over the text and content in your website with a Content Management Solution – a backend database system that allows the user (admin) to update and change text and media at will. With only basic computer word-processing skills anyone can edit page content. Some tasks are a bit trickier to execute than others as a non-programmer but with a little homework it can become easy and quite fun! A&M ROTONDI builds CMS websites for clients who need to change content on their websites often. Beginning with a well planned approach each page template is created as a graphical mockup and then converted to a programmatic template coded to interface with the data stored in the site’s database. As users surf they go through each page not realizing the page itself does not truly exist, and yet it’s rather a live runtime compilation of the template being populated with the requested database content.

CMS sites can be coded many different ways. There are off-the-shelf solutions that can be customized like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, and there are custom solution created to serve a precise business model’s functionality created from scratch using PHP and MySQL. There are pre-made modules and plugins that can shortcut code development costs, and there are ways to create custom modules and plugins to further expand interactive functionality of the site. These are very flexible website platforms that can be developed into successive versions over the course of years. A&M ROTONDI recommends a CMS solution for any business looking to represent itself on the web in a more professional way and make daily management more efficient than a static site.

Which Platform PC or Linux? Which Language .ASP or .PHP? And The List Goes On!
The answers to these and many more similar questions lies within the analysis of achieving an overall online goal. What is a company’s online marketing mix comprised of, and how do we link them all together to create a system of lead management? In any case our goal is to extend the reach of the client’s business via the website, and some languages are just more suitable for use than others when it comes to specific application development. A&M ROTONDI has experts who create very complex database driven systems from the ground-up, or can help with repairs, updates and additional modifications to legacy non-A&M ROTONDI code framework in most cases as well. Either way we answer the tough questions for our clients and explain why it is the best course of action. CMS websites can do wonders for a growing business looking to take the next steps towards becoming larger to compete on a higher level.

Database Driven E-commerce Websites

Get New Clients, Capture Sales, Grow Your Business Online
It really doesn’t get any better than this – having an online business that runs itself for a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar business models and doing so during all hours of the night. E-commerce can be simply amazing for some businesses that have a take charge attitude and can manage daily backend updates to products with a little vim and vigor! Non-committal uninterested owners can find that they created a monster site and never make a dime. A&M ROTONDI determines what kind of solution is truly right for our clients, and what kind of support will be needed process post-production. E-commerce can be simple or complex using an off-the-shelf solution like Miva, Joomla’s Virtumart, Magento, etc., or a completely custom PHP/MySQL solution for a very specific shopping experience. Either way A&M ROTONDI will guide you through the decision process and aid in the proper project planning before code work begins.

Using popular standardized CMS engines like WordPress or Joomla and configuring them with specialized modules adds extra services to a website, which is a very affordable and effective way to enter the online e-commerce environment. For those businesses with standardized or common-type business models this is the way to go.

Sometimes standardized solutions fall short of what you need so you’re forced to create a custom shopping cart or website solution. A&M ROTONDI really excels in this area; we are experts at creating customized Web-based business models! From complicated one-off unique features to just taking a simple concept and expressing it in a whole new way, no matter what it is we have the talent resources to get it done at a professional level.

With all types of programmatic options available we match your needs to the best technologies capable of making your website dream come to life. No matter if it has e-commerce or not we treat each code project the same and run through a research phase that lasts longer than most clients expect. We never just rush into coding and we always take the time to plan a project properly.

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